Salvadorian Asylum seeker

20150327_133310.jpgAbout cover-ups

I would not feel the least bit guilty bringing down a system that is so corrupt that they pay 5 million dollars to withhold evidence to defend a killer cop while important programs to American youth go underfunded.

I would like so much to put someone in the hot seat and see what it is exactly what they feel when they decide that funding a killer and giving him a badge is better than fixing the system. Cops have a hard job,yes. They have hard decisions to make, yes. Do we still need cops…yes. Then feel something for the life and family he just ended instead of sticking with “brother cop” and do what’s right. America just has more money to cover up their little mistakes …I take it back I am more afraid of this countries “Law enforcers”.


Obama administration sending away asylum seekers.

Hilary are you going to deport children, Hilary again are you going to deport children….HILARY are you going to follow in your commanders in chief steps and deport innocent people seeking asylum from the violence your own country causes in central America. Because Hilary again and again you say for the children, for the children, the children want to live and learn and their parents want to pump some of their cash into your economy. Hillary as a woman as a mom do you did you enjoy watching your own child grow up well fed and educated what do you think these asylum seekers are trying to do, what we have been programmed to do as humans since the beginning of time….survive.


This is blog is based on two stories in the Albany Park newsletter FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE for February / March


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