Like a killer…


What makes a killer, what a makes killer?
Well let’s see for the rich that have it all..
They need it all, get used to it all,
And tell them no, and they will find a way,
To get what they feel is theirs,

What makes a killer, what makes a killer?
Well what about the sick..
And the obsessed ..
And the ones who are convinced they will get away with it,
So they risk,
Their maybe happy, maybe safe, maybe lovely life…
For kids, no wife, no hope for anything
but Bob or big sue in prison now.
Fight for your meal and learn….no one
No one in this life deserved what you did to them…

Help, help me I am somewhat ill,
I am somewhat in need,
I am someone who hates this deal.
Prevention is key.
Dear god if looks could kill…
I be on death roll.

Oh me…me…?
Do i?
do i …look
Like a killer today.
Could i , could i?
Kill with my awesome legs.
Kill with my sick grin
With my innocent lady like …?
Don’t know…will see


Maybe this killer just wants
To flirt, do her nails, kiss a boy or girl
Wear her heels and get a Hallo…


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