Marked private

There is a door at the end of this hall.

No one around.

It is marked private.

Private? (no one around)

Shall I come in.

No one is inviting me in.

Shall I knock?


Private what?

Private from who?

To who?


There is that door staring at me.

Tempting me.

An invitation for me to open.

To search, explore, discover,

To find( if there is anything to find)


There is a door

It is marked private.

I am at the other end

I am out of options

It is dark in this hall

The door is marked private

A warning or an invitation.


Why mark it private

It only tempts me

I will come in, no one around.

No need to knock.

If it is locked

I will just knock it down

With this foot.

I will kick it open.


It is marked private

And I am out of options.

The dark scares me.

It is my invitation after all it is marked “private”.



….I am the door that won’t  “open”,

So you invaded me and I am now a… what was that again?

Please God give me back my dignity, privacy, humanity, peace of mind. Who or what did I piss off this time.


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