I am 33,with a GED. Spanish. And even thought I try to get rid of those little habits, personality flaws or whatever else it is that makes me unemployable. I am still looking for work and I have tried going to school in the past to get a better job than the jobs I had in the past or to better my education but yes for money to make money and provide for my future.

I first tried art school, Then I forget what other school that told me my math was too bad and I had to take a math class just to get into the basic classes. Basically one can never say I don’t try.

Again I am 33 have emotional problem, have other small defects but nothing that would make me unemployable. I am an easy person to get along with I am a “fun person”, I am a hard worker, I am a team player and I am smart. And as a sad true note don’t you hate people who sit in the side lines critize others and say you try too hard. Well here is my response. YOU SHOULD TRY HARDER.

So if that is why I am unemployable to you, then fuck it. I will “start from the bottom”.

Oh and by the way I am on SSI, something about depression, bipolar, something else I can’t understand. I hate it. I feel like I am abusing the system. All I know is to me I am acting just like anyone in my situation would act.

And about abusing the system…. I try and in that sense I do think I try to hard that I stress myself out. This case was decided by someone else I spent a long time suffering from depression and without hope, yes. But hey if my job I feel takes that away. Busy hands and all.

Anyhow this is my first Blog.




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